Man Bartlett

#24h15m Details


A not-so-subtle nod to Warhol’s notion of "15 minutes of fame," #24h15m will give one lucky person the chance to have a version of his or her life broadcast to a large audience for an entire 24 hours over the internet. 

To facilitate this, the winning bidder will meet with the artist, during which time a series of prepared questions about the buyer’s life and experiences will be asked.

The responses will inspire an earnest, charming, fantastical and occasionally irreverent and crowd-sourced 24-hour durational performance, which will be livestreamed from the artist’s desktop to an online audience. All of the artist’s social media channels will be taken over by the story as it unfolds, and the audience following online will be encouraged to contribute to the evolving story.

The winning bidder will also receive documentation of the performance on the biggest flash drive Man can find.