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#140hBerlin limited edition prints are finally available.

"Off Air" edition of 5, 11"x14" on Epson semi-gloss paper. Printed at Supreme Digital in Bushwick. Huge thanks to Magda Sawon for spurring this one on (via #buyingartontwitter).

"Welcome to Berlin" edition of 10, 14"x11" on Kodak semi-gloss paper. Printed at Adorama (photo)meat factory, but it looks surprisingly good.

Email me for more info: Or better yet, mention me on Twitter & tag it #buyingartontwitter. ;)

Also, if you were one of the 9 backers for the print, you’ll be receiving an additional bonus for your patience. Details forthcoming.

P.S. This is the third time I’ve drafted this post. The tumblbeasts ate my last two. Fingers crossed. Sheesh.

Man Bartlett