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24h Best non-Buy, a Performance

24h Best non-Buy

Starting Thursday, Jan 7 at 6pm, I will attempt to spend 24 hours in Best Buy, Union Square, without making a purchase.

I will only eat or drink what is provided to me by those who come to visit the “performance.”

I will remain thoughtfully engaged in the products on sale and the services offered.

- Borna Sammak
- Wafaa Bilal’s “Domestic Tension”
- Improv Everywhere’s “Slow Motion Home Depot”
- A recent experience involving returning a misguided purchase

Update: A “sell-out clause” gives me one contributor the option chance to control the duration of the piece. All contributors, regardless of amount, will be incorporated in a future work, but the person who tips the scale over $700 (before the 24h mark) will own this piece and will have the power to have me end or continue it. A link to contribute will be added here at the beginning of the performance. For the record, my stated goal is to complete a full 24 hours of shopping, but this is now, in part, left up to you!

Update 2: I will be tweeting during the performance (battery/Internet access permitting) using the hashtag #BestNonBuy

Update 3: Making the “sell-out clause” active a little early because I can’t do it from my phone and I have errands to run before 6. But if you’re feeling trigger happy: