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24h #class action

So next this Wednesday starting at 5pm, at Winkleman Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, we will, together, create a 24 hour group intervention. Your presence is humbly requested at any point, for any length of time. At 4:30pm, Thursday March 11th, we will pop every skinny balloon that we have blown up during our time together. 

And now some thoughts on this conceptual action in the form of a pseudo-press release (fingers crossed I don’t make a future edition of “Worst Press Release Ever”):

A simple physical action, over time, can radically shift consciousness, specifically when combined with “real” and “virtual” social interactions. It is in this context that “24h #class action” plans to poke a pin into Koonsian psychological dramas.

Beneath its surface this intervention is an exercise in futility and one of joyous absurdity. The balloons will only take their long, phallic shape, without further form, and will eventually be liberated or executed. Is it possible to both celebrate and critique? Does it matter that risks were taken by Koons (and others) to create this ridiculously expensive series? Is ambition alone worth applause? Is the fact that 5 balloon dogs were fabricated a triumph? Is it “relevant?” What I’m grappling with is a complex relationship to the artist’s work, and really to all Art and Everything. And duration exposes fascinating avenues in the headspace to drive down.

Or, you know, we’re just blowing up balloons that we get to pop at the end, which is fun too.


Update: Be sure to check out the live stream at

Update 2: Uhm, so this event might not happen unless I have your help, thanks!

Update 3: I clearly have your help, thanks! xo