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on #24hLike...

it’s about desire.

and art.

and wanting to be…well…liked.

the art in the show ‘i like the art world and the art world likes me’ will be described and interpreted in agreeable terms by me, in person, for twenty-four hours. the performance will begin at 5pm today (thursday february 17). you can comment on my liking by tweeting with the hashtag #24hLike. you can watch the livestream here:

i want to know what you like. what you are like.

also on that page you have the opportunity to like the artists who created the work for the show via a faux like button. this decontextualized “like” is meant to draw our attention to the action of liking something, or in this case someone. it is a satirical gesture which is also sincere. it is not my intention to mock but rather to poke a little bit into the relationships between art and artist.

additionally during the twenty-four hours i may take to facebook to like the images of the show there. basically i want to like as much as everything possible.

even though i’m confident i can find something in everything to like, i am still not sure if this is possible.

oh, and if you plan on visiting the gallery during the performance i will only be consuming what you provide. i’ll be super grateful for any caffeinated beverages or food things!

as always, thank you so much for your interest, and for being a part!


p.s. this performance is, in part, a continuation of #24hOpen. it was also born out of a desire to examine an aspect of a site that increasingly takes up more and more of our lives, in a way that feels true to me, and not cheap. and how this massive site is literally changing the way we think, without us always even realizing it. it might be cheeky, but it will also probably be earnest. cuz that’s how i roll. xo

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