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More on #24hOpen @whitneymuseum and...Tino?

At 6pm today (Thursday), I’ll start another 24 hour performance with you. For those on Twitter you can participate using the hashtag #24hOpen. For the Twitter-less you can watch the stream here. I’m working on alternatives, but for now, it’s what we got.

The parameters of the participation will be revealed after the start of the performance, and as we develop them together.

And Dear Whitney Museum, if you’re listening, this performance is available for purchase for your collection, pseudo-Tino Sehgal style. I understand you don’t have one of his constructed situations in your holdings. Well, you can have an original Man Bartlett “deconstructed performance” today! And if you’re not the Whitney, you have an equal opportunity to purchase it (before they do), here, with only a smidgen more effort than a handshake. The best part, it takes up from zero to infinite space.


P.S. I am both joking and serious.

P.P.S. If you’re in New York and plan on stopping by, smuggled in caffeinated beverages are highly appreciated! Food I can live without (unless you want to smuggle that in too). Shh…

P.P.P.S. I have not slept a lot recently.

P.P.P.P.S. Hint: We may be silently democratizing the role of the unknowing visitor…