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So, every Timeline event prior to October 2011 has now been scrubbed (in theory) from my Facebook page. In its place, on June 15th of the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 the new history, is a rest.

These removals have nothing to do with a fear of your perception of a former me, and everything to do with my desire to not cling to a representation of the past. I actually started quietly deleting everything on my wall back in September. Slowly working my way back. Originally there was a specific time period that I wanted gone, then I realized that that time actually wasn’t any different than any other time. I also realized that I had become attached to my digital memories. And as I seek to honor a life committed to non-attachment I decided to delete everything except my birth.

Yet I still have the ability to manufacture memories to add to the Timeline. The “rests” may be the first step in that reconstruction. One that could be constantly shifting, just as the present moment is. Which it is.

Man Bartlett