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After the fall, the line…

Or, what is the inverse of this scenario? That’s what I’m thinking about.

I was recently composing a tweet about what to do after a revolution, and was hit with a memory from a middle school social studies class. I believe it was Mr. Rudolph, 8th grade. We were learning about the food lines in the USSR and how they would hand out only Chiclets. In my quick searches online however I could find no evidence to support this. I did however find that Chiclets were included in US military rations, which I found to be pretty ironic. While searching I also found the above video. It got me thinking about the current situation in Russia, and around the world.

Capitalism will fail. It IS failing. No candidate or sitting president can fix it. No Congress can fix it. It is simply a matter of time. As is often repeated, we truly must be the change we wish to see in the world. Our system in its current form is not sustainable. We have stop gap measures to distract us; they are diversions. And I am guilty of buying into this to varying degrees. Just look at my expenses.

My hope is that what we are experiencing are actually the beginning of labor pains. That we are in the process of giving birth to a new system. We know not whether it will be a boy, girl, hermaphrodite, or miscarried. But we are talking about it, screaming it, living it. Sometimes in denial. But our voices will crescendo as our re-entry approaches. Stillborn or triumphant.

This revolution is our new messiah. And it is our only hope for “long term” survival.

Man Bartlett