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Am I A Troll?

Interesting conversation about usages of Twitter between Nate Hill ( aka @NateXHill ) et al. It’s a good insight/defense of how Hill uses the medium as subversionary tool. 

The question of community is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. More on this soon; still marinating. Trying to take the time to process before spouting (as is my usual MO). But reblogs hardly count…

…On a technical note I wish this had been Storified instead, but alas…


A few days ago, I retweeted the same Childish Gambino lyrics from maybe a dozen different people. The line is roughly, “Eating oreos like the white girls that blow me.” I meant to tweet it over at @WhitePowerMilk, but (happily) accidentally put it on my personal twitter. I think that’s how this conversation got started about retweet curation, twitter as “art”, and what it means to be a troll…

@kurokowa says:
Dude, I’m done, I just can’t take it anymore #intheunfollowcategory

@nateXhill says:
why are you telling me you’re unfollowing? What’s your motivation here?

@nateXhill says:
Maybe I have something to learn from someone who wants to make a thing out of unfollowing me?

@kurokowa says:
following someone is a public endorsement, I wanted my #unfollow to be just as public.

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