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Announcing the 2012 Once-ennial!!!!11!!1 ZOMGLOL

So right now in New York City we’ve got the Whitney Biennial, The New Museum Triennial, and the Bruce High Quality Foundation’s Brucennial. All happening at once. All these “ennials” got me thinking that we need another one! A Once-ennial.

So, if you want to be a part, just photo reply with whatever image or images you want. Go crazy. It’s like the even more low-brow cousin to the Brucennial,* without the need for physical space. And it’s even MORE inclusive. And considering I have something like 16,000+ Tumblr followers (thx “Spotlight!”), your potential audience is nothing to shake a dead kitteh at.  

I can promise you this, the Once-ennial will only happen “once.” But the images you post will last FOREVER. Or at least as long Tumblr exists. Or unless any legal things come up. #shhh

So post away! Photo reply or reblog with your own images to your heart’s content. Lay your best and/or worst Internet on us, Internet. Because if there’s one thing this world needs, it’s another ennial.

No really.

The 2012 Once-ennial Non-Curatorial Committee of Just Man

*The Brucennial is actually faux-brow. Serious names are serious there. And $$$ and two years ago I saw Terry Richardson walk through around the time I was being prodded by Rhonda Lieberman for Scene and Herd. I didn’t understand her question about pedagogy.