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Appropriation Wars

A 10-minute video response to Untitled (300 x 404).

iMovie! 100% Saturation! Ken Burns! Drum roll! Screenshot! 

I couldn’t stop thinking about this for most of the day yesterday. Wasn’t sure why, or why I chose to defend Allen or chirp up in the first place (besides the fact that he seems like a nice/smart guy online). In making this video response I realized I did so because I believe in supporting what I view as a kind of digital populism (dopulism?) at work. It takes an image/artist that most art world folks are familiar with and seeks (in my opinion) to hold the viewers hand into the big scary world of digital theory. The rub is that some people already know all the tropes and history of digital art so to them it comes off as banal, well-trodden, dated etc. Understandable. Totally cool. However, and this is regardless of whether or not it’s “fine” art or not, I believe it’s important because in a small way it further “legitimizes” digitally inspired practices. Especially conceptually driven digital practices.

It’s one thing to make a painting in Brushes, it’s another thing to use conceptual tenets AND technology. In the end it’s not about the technology at all, but HOW the technology is used to make a point. I also don’t think it even matters WHAT that point is.

Ok there’s probably a lot more, but that’s all I got at the moment.


P.S. The video is meant to play in the background while you read this post and associated links. Or a large projection on a wall, with people passing by.