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Awoke from a Dream:

Some kind of campus. Gender inequality different dorms being taken over by different genders created mass hysteria. Civil discourse was hurting development of a New Thought System and only creating further discontent. Tours were being given. I walked into a building that was women only and was kindly told they were asking men to leave. I was angry but left huffing and puffing saying that no solution made sense. There was a men only “dorm” or facility of some kind having the same problem. The women out front of the place I was leaving laughed and mockingly asked if I was going to join a tour. I felt as helpless as they seemed to. There was no progress being made, and progress through extended dialogues was disintegrating the human spirit. We were destined to fail. Designed to fail.

This was related to a conversation I was having at a dinner party last night about gender but clearly tied in with thoughts I’ve been having about OWS. Some of which I expressed to a smaller part of that same group earlier in the night. They were largely unsympathetic to the Occupy cause. I found myself still outraged by the police brutality of Saturday night, mad that these folks were so casually disinterested, yet conflicted about my own involvement in the movement. A movement whose internal operators have been co-opted by people and forces that, to be frank, embarrass me. I found myself hedging. I will now seek to free myself from the hedge. Whatever that means. And in whatever form that takes.

The take aways, if any:

Democracy must be born by Force.

Democracy must be born from Power.

Democracy has no chance of survival.

Democracy is not the endgame.

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