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Balloon Time Starts Tomorrow!

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who bought work yesterday to support this event, 24h #class action. We raised enough money so that we can now do the performance together. Hopefully I didn’t eff up my market value (ha!) by selling drawings so cheap, but, whatevs (for now). I’m super grateful for your time, attention, faith, support and money. Huzzah!

Ok, so, if you’re free tomorrow/Thursday, virtually or physically, you should totally come and blow up balloons with us! 

Because of some gallery rulez, it’s a little confusing, but the times that you can definitely come are:
Wednesday 5pm - 8:00pm
Thursday 2pm - 5pm

If you only want to come to help pop some balloons, this ritual will be happening exactly at 4:45pm on Thursday, so get there before that. All are welcome to blow and pop!

Also, if you’re dying to be one of only a few to be at the gallery all night, email me to get on the list (manbartlett gmail). You’ll also need to be there by 8:00pm on Wednesday night.

Now get your popping hands over to the Facebook Event page and get your lungs* and popping fingers ready! 


*The plan is also to have a few hand pumps handy. :)

Man Bartlett