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The manifs des casseroles (pot and pan demonstrations) have taken Montreal by storm! These are spontaneous neighbourhood protests in which people clang their pots and pans at 8pm to signify their defiance of Law 78. They do so on street corners, on their balconies, in parks, and tonight (May 23), many of these protests transformed, again spontaneously, into marches through different Montreal neighbourhoods, blocking off streets and filling them with beautiful noise. Watch the above video of the manif in the Villeray neighbourhood of Montreal, and remember: this was completely spontaneous, and only one of many around the city! Montreal does not give up. This law will be overturned by children in their pajamas banging pots and pans on the streets of Montreal.
See this map for places where these protests have been known to congregate (so far!):


Love this. For some reason seeing large groups of people protesting injustice (actual or perceived) always makes me teary-eyed. People who care enough to march. However radical or naive we may be, there is power in that simple act. I miss marching with Occupy, but I stopped identifying with the movement a while ago. And still not sure exactly where I stand with it. But regardless, seeing this makes me want to make a quick trip up to Montreal…

Man Bartlett