"[Bryan] Scary’s newest album DAFFY’S ELIXIR, 2 years in the making, will be released on Paper Garden Records in April 2012. […] The album was recorded throughout 2010 in a variety of studios with a revolving door of engineers and instrumentalists. The completed DAFFY’S ELIXIR is an epic double album featuring cons, quacks, cow-gal robots, spurned lovers, villains and bandits, all set in the Old West. Euro-centric art-pop meets Spaghetti-Westernisms and old-timey yarn spinning, a unique stew congealed by Scary’s most ambitious musical arrangements yet. With an expanded 9 piece lineup, and a boatload of fresh material, the new and improved Bryan Scary will be crashing into living rooms and stealing eardrums throughout 2012 (and beyond).”