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Colin Stetson on blogotheque (a Take Away Show).

This guy is out of control. Seriously, this is some next level shit (yes, cussworthy). Not necessarily musically appropriate for a Monday morning(ish), but here you have it.

I first came across him via All Songs Considered’s Live Concerts podcast from SXSW. I might not have listened to it that closely had I not heard them say that it’s all done on a single instrument, no dubs or loops. 

Stetson clearly works hard, but more importantly, his music resolutely transcends form. Somehow for me he calls forth elements of Pauline Oliveros, Ornette Colemen and Steve Reich, simultaneously. And then something else entirely. I don’t know, just, listen. And make sure to give him at least until 2:19 in this video to “warm up.”

And apparently he just opened for Godspeed at Terminal 5 in NYC. #sigh Next time…