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For the past couple weeks, every time I’m mentioned or followed on Twitter my bedroom light* goes on or off. You can also control it by using the hashtag #YouLightMe, or by following or mentioning me on

Tonight and/or tomorrow I’ll try to livestream me trying to sleep overnight. Though heads up it can take up to 15 minutes to trigger the light. That’s cuz I’m using this integrated with this. And the latter has restrictions. 

The performance will end when the light burns out or sometime on/around September 27th.

I’ll post a link to the livestream if/when that happens and link to it from my website. And after it’s over a link to the spreadsheet that’s logged the toggles.

Ok, enjoy! :)

P.S. H/T to my brother Will for sending me a link to the WeMo a couple months ago. 

*Full disclosure: The gif above is my new bedroom at VCCA, an artist residency in Virginia where I’ll be for the next month.

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