Full Media Artist

Been thinking about alternatives to the label “Social Media Artist,” which makes me cringe and gurgle a little. Not sure yet how I feel about full media, or fullmedia, or if this is at all part of my job, but this post is a proof of concept. And it’s been growing on me, since I thought of it this morning.* Will expect your research into previous uses. I have yet to do any due diligence. This is teh Internets, after all.

*The term came to me in a rush of thoughts after seeing Kelly Clarkson’s not-for-free podcast (which was listed underneath This American Life on my iPhone’s iTunes store), and about how she was the product of a television show. I started thinking about my own podcasting days (Man and Dave Show, RIP) and about making the time to create a corollary with my recent endeavors in a new podcast. Then I realized it is actually all the same, full media. Drawings, video, installation, performance etc. It says nothing and everything. Media beyond “mixed-media.” Meta-media.