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Please make this invisible balloon thousands of visible ones! And get fun stuff from me!

Here’s the deal. I need your help to make a performance piece happen…this Wednesday! :D

More info is here:

Thx so much! And, uhm, no pressure, but if we don’t raise the dough I literally won’t be able to afford do the performance.* Which wouldn’t be the end of the world. It just makes me that much more grateful for your help!


*Update: I suppose that’s not entirely accurate. I could afford to do the piece if the balloons are invisible. Or only a few actual balloons. But that would certainly be a much different experience, and probably piss off more than a few people. Also, this is a last minute appeal for a few reasons. Namely that balloons are more expensive than I thought, I was expecting to have more money in my account, and I’ve had too much stuff going on (read: poor planning). Again, not complaining about anything, just kind of freaking out. And trying to be as honest and transparent as possible. :)

Update 2: Wow, thanks everybody! So, at last count we’ve raised $710! (Fingers crossed for a timely PayPal to bank transfer). I’ve decided to cap the “thank you" drawings at 25. Thanks again for all your support, it is truly humbling and inspiring. Now onto making sure I don’t suck up the actual performance! Huzzah!

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