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Hi everyone! So I made some new collages. Hope you enjoy!

Also, they’re for sale: 
$300 each (includes frame and continental US shipping). 

They’re awesome, and totally worth it. Meticulously cut and hand-collaged on acid-free watercolor paper (all are 7”x5”, 8”x6” framed). Signed and dated on verso. Some of these fall into the earlier “case studies” series, some are in parallel worlds, and some just inhabit their own universe.

Email me if interested:, or better visit this page. And if you really want one, but can’t afford the price, I’m open. And broke. :)

Lastly, normally I would prefer to do this sort of thing through a gallery if possible. As much as I am frustrated by the brick-and-mortar model, there are still a handful of people I deeply respect and admire in that business. You know who you are. Next time?


Thx everyone for the like/reblog love. And just thanks in general. All your support is greatly appreciated, in whatever form it takes. :) 

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