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How Uptown Money Kills Downtown Art



Required reading. 

Includes quotes from some of my biggest heroes in the art world today: William Powhida, Ed Winkleman and Magda Sawon. These folks, among a handful of others, continue to inspire me. Even in the bleakest of times. Which, truth be told, happens to be now. I haven’t had a sale in a while and am behind on every bill; more than usual. Which, as a full time time artist, tends to complicate my relationship to artistic creation and production. Exponentially. Still working my way through that one. In the meantime, you know, buy art! 20x200 is still down so you have no excuses! 


make things because its like breathing, not solely for money or laurels.

Because it’s like breathing? That’s a little naive/dramatic. If you know anything about my work it should be pretty clear that money and laurels are tertiary influences at best in my practice. But I don’t shy away from talking about them openly and honestly. I’ve also made a career out of it. For better or worse. In my opinion we need more people talking about these issues and taking the related risks with the work. I also believe it can and should be supported, and I’ll fight for it any day of the week. Not just my own, but my peers too.

Man Bartlett