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I spent last Thursday night at #LibertyPlaza, awake all night and cleaning through the cold rain, so that I could be there Friday morning for what was looking to be a tense standoff. When the announcement was made that the company who manages the property had backed down (article), many of us took to the streets to celebrate.

While I was marching through Wall St. I saw a clearly well-to-do business man alone on a big balcony with his hand on his cheek. He was leaning forward, looking at the protesters and he looked worried. I looked at him, and in the passion of protest belted, “You should be worried. You should be very, very worried.”

The thing is, it was the same balcony where just a few weeks prior people were seen drinking champagne and mock-toasting the protesters (video). 

What a difference a couple weeks can make. :)

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