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Kyle Bass on the current and future global socio-political-economic sitch…


To wit: As an artist my primary job is to experience things. Then after I experience things, to think about them. Then after I think about them, to make “things” from these thoughts/experiences. Admittedly I’ve often skipped that “thinking” stage while giving preference to what I view as some sort of direct transference of vision to object (material or otherwise). It’s probably a hold out from my acting days where I didn’t want an intention or inspiration to get trapped in my head before I could express it externally. It’s also probably why I might occasionally accuse myself of being an anti-intellectualist. The brain can be a dangerous place to live when out of balance…

Well, I’m in Wassaic, recalibrating…everything. Grateful to be here for three months. Away. Grateful to have a respite from financial pressures. Attempting to limit my tweets, status updates, posts, and general participation in the (echo) chamber while I give myself a chance to clear space to fill the well again. Though still very much absorbing and watching.

Along those lines I saw a tweet recently from David Carson, who coincidentally acquired “$” (more on that in a future post). In the tweet he linked the above video. It’s rare to see someone speak so candidly, without any apparent political agenda. Yet ironically his agenda is overwhelmingly fiscally-minded. This line of thought got me thinking that looking to financial analysts such as Bass might not be such a bad idea. After all, if $ is our God, then in theory (at least) there is a larger pool of $-priests to study. But regardless of that line of thinking, this guy just seemed super smart and often, surprisingly humble.

Ok on that note, back to not tweeting/posting/updating. 


UPDATE: Didn’t realize embedding is disabled. Sorry about that. Out of my control. You can listen while you read, if you like. :)

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