Man Bartlett

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Last night while watching the #OccupyPhilly and #OccupyLA feeds, I got to thinking about the law, methods of oppression and of fear-mongering. And how we as individuals react and thrive.

While I am impassioned/opinionated, I am more interested in the pursuit of knowledge. Of variance. With no dogma.

Anyhoo, it quickly led me to the following series of tweets, which I’m pasting here (in chronologic order):

"Focus on the fear in the eyes of those who (seek to) repress.

They are afraid, so they fan brute force. Well, brute, meet non-violence. We are many, we are growing, and we outnumber you.

A set of beliefs, centered around an awakening that a raw deal has been pushed onto us. This awareness IS the revolt. And it will persist.

It will persist because you cannot evict an idea. You cannot relocate the already dispossessed. WE will persist.

We will persist, and march, and occupy, and stand virtually and physically in solidarity. Not because it is convenient, but bc it is just.

For every attempt to limit our speech, we will persist.

For every additional riot helmet added to the encroaching, fear-based and fear-mongering line, we will persist.

We will persist.”

Man BartlettOWS