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Capture All of Lawrence Weiner’s Flags!  

Station to Station,” the train-traveling avant-garde extravaganza that its creator, Doug Aitken, calls a “nomadic happening,” launches its nine-city tour tonight, with a sold-out gathering at New York’s Riverfront Studios of music, art, film, food, and more. Over the next three weeks the train—conceived as “moving, kinetic light sculpture”—will head west, staging cultural and culinary interventions along the way before making its ninth and final stop in Oakland/San Francisco on September 28. Sponsored by Levi’s, “Station to Station” will charge $25 at the performances to raise money for nontraditional programming at partner museums.

At each site, a different flag by Lawrence Weiner will be raised.

Each of these banners features a “gesture” from the repertoire the Conceptual artist has been using as an alternative and provocation to traditional language.

Some gestures resemble glyphs or pictographs that beg for interpretation. But none were selected to match particular cities. It wasn’t necessary.

  “Whatever flag is chosen will become explicitly the flag of that particular place and will take on a whole set of meanings,” the artist says. 

The flags will be shown together at the end of the run.

Flags for “Station to Station.” © 2013 LAWRENCE WEINER. 

Fuck. Yes.

I’ve said this before, but I am a lucky, lucky, lucky, man. 

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