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EFNY, Hostess Project, Whitney

Busy month! Three projects outlined below. Consider this your fair warning that a lot of tweets are heading your way soon. And as always, thanks for the support. Oh and keep your eyes peeled for the May limited edition print, which is coming real soon!


May 15th (and June 12th)
Escape from New York is a group show that I’m a part of in Paterson, NJ. It’s curated by Olympia Lambert and has some awesome artsists included. See for yourself here. For it I’ll be doing a performance called #cleandream in which I’ll be walking around the space tweeting my observations about the cleanliness of the space, as well as collecting objects. At unspecified times I will hold “activation” ceremonies for the items I’ve collected. Also see: 

May 22nd-23rd
The Hostess Project, an initiative of PPOW Gallery, has given me space for 24 hours to present a new duration-based performance. For this piece I will be repeating whatever you tweet with the hashtag #24hEcho. There will be an opening reception from 7pm-9pm at PPOW, and the piece will be streamed live here.

May 27th-28th
Beginning Thursday, May 27th at 6pm, I will spend 24 hours in the Whitney Museum. I will remain engaged with the work on display, and conscious of the space in which it is exhibited. More information here.

Whew! And a very Happy Mother’s Day, including to the best of them all, my mom! Mom, I don’t think you read my blog, and I’ll call you later, but seriously, you rock. Thank you for being such an inspiration over the years, and offering guidance through the rough and good times alike. I’m infinitely grateful.

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