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No really. Between NDAA and SOPA/PROTECT-IP I am saddened and deeply troubled by recent developments within this circus of a system/government/congress.

And feeling like a spurned lover towards the president. The same president I helped elect. Who seemed like such a breath of fresh fucking air. I was duped. Duped like so many others that I could take a person on their word and character. Now, however, I can be jailed INDEFINITELY, WITHOUT ACCESS TO A LAWYER if I am labeled a “terrorist.”*** My how that word has come to define the continued erosion of our freedoms as citizens of this country. The FEAR. They want us to be afraid. The truth is, our system is failing, and WILL fail (see peak oil), and those in power are desperate to convince us it’s not. So desperate they will do anything it takes. Like indefinite detention.

And here we are, talking about auctions, year-end lists and Work of Art. I’m posting photos of my goddamn dinner for fucks sake. Recklessly avoiding dealing with the demise of our democracy. And meanwhile I’m watching all this online from a small hamlet in upstate New York. Feeling both helpless and enraged. Trying to ignore it and focus on future art projects. On what is actually a flourishing and bountiful career for which I am so grateful to have. But it all feels so fucking inconsequential.

The helplessness will pass. I know this. My hope is that it passes while I still have the energy to put it back into the fucking art.

***UPDATE: I was wrong. Kinda. While still another step towards eroding our civil liberties, it does not *quite* authorize indefinite detention for U.S. citizens. Details here.

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