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On my recent collage post I received the following comment from “theonewhobaithsinblood”:

in all honesty these are quite horrible, not very original or creative at all and basically just look shit, dont think you should be asking for 300 dollars for them…..

I normally don’t give these kinds of comments much mind, but I decided to respond (and now here publicly):

Thanks for taking the time to respond! Regarding pricing, it’s something I think about a lot. That price point has been established over the last year and a half or so. I’m a full time artist and this is my sole source of income. Most people who collect my work understand this. Understandably 99.9% of them are *not* my tumblr audience. Regarding the originality of the work, two points: 1) nothing is original 2) you’re better off just blogging Joy Division songs; stick to that.

Got the following response which can close this little volley without further comment. Mark that as another win for the pushpin feature!   

hahahaha fuck off and stick to your shitty andy warhol wannabe pieces loser i only commented because i kept seeing it at the top of my screen

Man Bartletthaters, gonna, hate