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On Resurrecting Silence

So after a busy few months* I have the next month and a half to silence my self promotion and just listen to the pulse. To quietly create work without having to announce it in a seemingly nonstop stream of tweets and Facebook announcements. Maybe you don’t mind, maybe you do. Either way…

But before that, thanks to everyone who came out for the opening for Systema Mundi, and to those who stopped by during gallery hours. It’s open another weekend (i.e. through April 11th). Stop by Saturday or Sunday b/t 12-3pm or make an appointment for anytime. I’m proud of it—not too shabby of a first NY solo show, if I do say so myself.

Oh, and this Thursday at around 9pm (dinner at 8), as part of Flux Thursday at Flux Factory, I’ll be doing a short performance called iShoot. Here’s a description: “An indispensable technological device will be martyred.”


* Since January 7th: Systema Mundi, #class, Brucennial, Housebroken, #Inpermatweet, X-Initiative, #Theseus, 24h Best non-Buy…