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Ok, so I kinda got something started that’s greater than 140 characters to discuss. Thought I’d do a quick post to reply to some of the tweets that have come in since I started on about the Bravo show Work of Art.

Re: @varonearts tweet about Deitch’s reality project: didn’t see it, so can’t comment on it.

Re: @ranjit: But who does the mockery serve? A little self-hating is probably a good thing, but this makes me cringe in a bad way.

Re: @Powhida: Which is what makes the show “interesting,” exactly. But that’s the problem. It’s reality television, not a show about art. The “art” has nothing to do with the show. This makes it enjoyable to critique and blog about, and I read most of what’s written about it, but it’s doing a disservice to other conversations that could be taking place.

Re: @colindarke: I would dissagree that it has value because it shows creative people creating. That aspect is way, way secondary to the drama being created by the editors. Jaclyn’s post is a case in point.

Re: @eloisemoorehead: It’s exactly the trainwreckiness that bothers me. And intrigues me, I confess. It’s also why I read the blog coverage, which is WAY better than the actual show. And if it creates dialogue, then that’s fine. But I revert to the notion that I don’t want to like anything that’s something that I or people “love to hate.” As cheesy as this sounds, I want to “love to love” stuff!

Re: @TwoCoats: Again, Work of Art is a mockery of art the way that that binoculars soccer video is a mockery of soccer. They are not the same. The entertainment factor belittles EVERYTHING. Sports are taken very seriously by A LOT of people (see #worldcup). If it’s just entertainment, why even have it related to Art at all. I watch bad Hollywood movies purely for entertainment’s sake. I also watch Artist’s documentaries (and Art:21) for information (etc) and a nerdy sense of entertainment. But you’re right, no one is watching it but us (and a handful of others, I suppose).


Did any of you see the movie Untitled? I thought that was an OK example of a movie that poked fun at the art world from a somewhat insider’s perspective, that didn’t take up my time the way that Work of Art has. Maybe it was because the movie was about Art, and not about “reality television” tropes.

Sorry to be such a negative Nancy. I’ll still be reading the posts about it.

Ok now seriously back to work of studio. :)

Feel free to comment in the comment section below. Have at me. :)


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