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Postponed: Wojnarowicz Screening @Flux_Factory


So a combination of circumstances* have led to the need to postpone the screening/potluck that was scheduled to take place at Flux today. It will be held in January instead.

Sorry for any inconvenience! For those of the public protesting persuasion there is of course the protest at 1pm today.


* Time management was been partly responsible but more important has been a desire to better understand my own position before hosting an event. This is a very complex issue that I’m still not exactly sure where I stand on. To be clear, I DO NOT support the censorship of the video but I do feel an obligation to comprehend as many of the facets as possible. I didn’t want to host, or ask Flux Factory to host, a screening and discussion if my own beliefs aren’t more formalized. I will say that I probably won’t be at the protest today. More on all this soon…