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Name Your Own Price (kinda)

This limited edition (10) block print is now available, in a different way.

Starting at $40, you can name your own price. For what you can afford vs. what you think it’s worth. As a ballpark, its market value is probably ~$100. 

This is another experiment. 

I’d love to think that no matter how hungry I am I will never sell my integrity. To be honest, selling these prints starting so low has me wondering about that. But at the same time I want people who like art but can’t afford it to have an option. Many of them (you) are my friends. I also don’t want AT&T to turn my phone off.

I believe that I can and WILL survive on my art alone. Prove me right, again. And trust me, these prints will be worth crazy $$$ one day. I am not kidding.

See it bigger here, buy it here


P.S. If you’re still waiting on a “thank you drawing” those are still being created! Thank you!

Man Bartlett