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Systema Mundi

Systema Mundi
systema mundi, ink on paper, 2009-2010

Systema Mundi
April 2nd - April 11th
Opening Reception: Friday April 2nd, 6-9pm
Flux Factory (map)

When I was a little child,
and dwelling in my kingdom…

Systema Mundi, an exhibition of drawings, installation and pyrography by Man Bartlett, will open Friday, April 2nd, from 6pm-9pm at Flux Factory, in Long Island City.

The work in this show includes a “circle drawing” in which thousands of small circles are tightly clustered, and form a rectangle. From a distance it appears as a solid mass, but closer inspection reveals a chaotic yet ordered composition.

A pyrography piece consists of small burned dots which appear to create or mimic the pattern of the grain of the wood beneath them. And in direct opposition to these maximalist tendencies lies a minimalist earth and water installation, sourced from in and around the Flux Factory building.

This juxtaposition of means is of critical interest to the artist, whose work often deals with the union of paradoxes from within a wide spectrum of art history and human experience.

The show title is taken from the Carl Jung drawing Systema mundi totius, and follows Bartlett’s 2008 spiritus mundi and 2009’s transmission.

A multi-disciplinary artist, Man most recently created a 24 hour group performance for the show #class at Winkleman Gallery. His work has been written about on Hyperallergic, James Wagner, theartblog and “fresh linked” by Art Fag City. An artist in residence at Flux Factory, this is Bartlett’s first solo show in New York. He received a BA in Theatre from Emerson College in 2003, and is the son to figurative painter Bo Bartlett.

Opening Reception:
Friday April 2nd, 6pm-9pm

Gallery Hours:
Saturdays and Sundays, 12pm-3pm and by appointment, through April 11th
* A special performance will be held April 8th at 8pm, as part of Flux Thursday