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the consumables

hi! so, for the last month i’ve been creating collages that, collectively, i’m calling the consumables.

this new body of work consists of mostly advertising images sourced almost exclusively from one travel magazine between 1950-1970. all cut by hand and rather meticulously positioned.

the backgrounds of a few of the collages were taken from a book of chinese propaganda posters from the early 1970’s. the majority however are on white archival paper (arches or fabriano).

some of the narrative threads i’ve been thinking about include include gender/identity mash-ups, retro-consumerism, booze and travel.

starting today i’ll be publishing one every weekday at 10am (eastern standard time) until march 4th. march 4th is also the opening of a solo show i’m having in houston, at skydive art space. more details on that in the coming weeks, but some of the collages will be in that show. lastly, if ur impatient, all the thumbnails are actually already posted here. shh…

ok hope you enjoy!


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