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Review and Lots More!

My work at X-Initiative’s BYOA show got a mention here:

The take-away line for me is that my “art is pure in concept, form and beauty…” Which is good to hear from the outside because that’s exactly what I strive and work so hard for from the inside. I’m grateful for the encouragement.

And thank you all for the support. More soon! More more! Google Buzz Twitter FB Tumblr Ahhhh. Oh, and I’m still doing the Brooklyn Museum’s 1stfans feed. Got a nice mention about it on Flux Factory’s Housebroken show is right around the corner. I’m doing a sound installation for it. Watch out. April 2nd solo show here too. Powhida and Dalton’s #class. And more! Including one thing I can’t announce yet and one potential thing I also can’t announce. How’s that for a teaser. One of my goals for 2010 is to be the hardest working artist under 30. How am I doing?