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rainbow resonance study (three variables), courtesy @MuseumNerd

Commission your very own GIF! For a belated Hanukkah present, or just in time for Christmas. Or…just cuz!

For $75 you tell me what color(s) you want, and I’ll make a GIF similar to the one pictured above (and like

Wait is that a typo? Did you mean 75 cents? Because you should. Whoever pays that much for a gif is stupid.

FWIW, $75 is actually quite reasonable for the commission of an original work of art. These are not some random files I found on Reddit but rather the result of a considerable amount of creative energy and time.

Would $75 for a commissioned painting be too much? Think of these as moving paintings/portraits and you’re on your way to a better understanding of the context for the value of these works.

Also, I recognize it’s an uphill battle positioning digital work among more “traditional” art, but history will vindicate us on this, even if reblogs won’t. But speaking of which, thanks for the reblog regardless! :)

Man Bartlett