RAGA/PEAK is a multi-location, 24-hour audio work presented in three continuous parts. Borrowing from the structure of classical Indian ragas — improvised melodies rendered in five to nine notes, shifted in composition to invoke specific moods for particular times of day — the work is a score comprised of psychoacoustic binaural audio, The Schumann Resonance, messages from Peekskill residents and others describing their surroundings, clandestine numbers stations, Mongolian throat singing, iceberg and wind samples, and more. Transmitted over short range FM radio signals to 87.9FM, visitors can experience RAGA/PEAK by visiting three stations — HVCCA, The Field Library, Peekskill waterfront — positioned throughout Peekskill in a geometrically intentional manner, such that traveling from station to station will create a dynamic relationship between the local environment and the piece itself. Visitors will be able to check out FM headphones, or may bring their own radios with headphones.

Presented as part of Peekskill Project 6. Open Saturdays and Sundays 12pm-5pm through December 6th.