Man Bartlett

The Louisville Project

The Louisville Project

First Image: still from single channel video, remaining installation images: ©Kenneth Hayden

From a press release:

Louisville, KY and IDEAS 40203 welcome NY artist Man Bartlett in his discovery project to promote diabetes awareness for Thrive365 - the mobile health platform which liberates and empowers people with diabetes to enjoy the foods they love. As part of the project Bartlett will be exhibiting select works at Zephyr Gallery that examine the corporate influence and cultural impact of diabetes, as well as creating an interactive installation and “research clinic” to conduct interviews with people with prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. 

The opening at Zephyr Gallery will be on Thursday February 5th. The artist will be giving a talk about his artistic practice, and how this project relates. You can also follow Man onTwitterTumblr and Instagram as he makes his way around town.

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