Man Bartlett

Recent works by Man Bartlett

Recent works from New York-based multidisciplinary artist Man Bartlett.


The Vibratory Healing League: 20180623

Photos by Mengwen Cao.

A 6-hour audio work from 12am to 6am. The performance offered a path for interdimensional travel in place; an aural refuge from the deluge and was created for Springboard Collective's 'One Spa on a Time'; co-directed by Danny Crump, Micah Snyder and Sarah Dahlinger in collaboration with Kyung jin Kim and Will Owen at Flux Factory.

Fridays @ 1:30*

A weekly dispatch, usually featuring an exclusive audio track.


spread your light.
available on cassette.
Side 1: Korg Gadget with Tap Delay iOS apps (through Audiobus), vocals (TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT, Empress Echosystem).
Side 2: Korg Gadget with Echo Pad, Crystalline, and Tap Delay iOS apps (through Audiobus).

Recording, production, and art design by Man.
Cassette manufacturing by Cryptic Carousel.

Drone Commute

All works composed, edited and recorded exclusively on my smartphone during my ~45-minute commute to my day job.