Man Bartlett


"HOME" is a four-letter word

An eight-channel sound installation (mixed to stereo here) of field recordings from four locations in Manhattan: 

11th Ave & 23rd St
1st Ave & 23rd St
1st Ave & 57th St
11th Ave & 57th St

Recorded early evening Sunday, June 4th, 2017.


Music for future aliens.



The second volume in a series of drone studies, this release was timed to coincide with Donald Trump's inauguration, to act as an ambient salve.



This is the first album from a body of work I've been hearing in my head since 2012. Around that time I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the nonstop onslaught of New York, so I started thinking about sound as a meditative and transformational medium; basically as a way to calm my eyeballs and counter-stimulate my brain. 

The tracks included in the first volume of "SPACE ON EARTH" were sourced from a variety of places: "20160628" was recorded using Moog's Animoog iOS app; "MALI SADIO" includes a drawn-way-out clip of Kandia Kouyaté's "Badjourou" (which may or may not be about the legend of a friendship between a hippopotamus and a woman); and the last two tracks were sourced from telemetry recordings from NASA's Pegasus and one of the Interplanetary Monitoring Platform satellites. The audio was manipulated primarily using GRM Tools and Audacity's "Paulstretch" effect. 

The Akasha Model

The Akasha Model is an attempt to figuratively sonify the thoughts of every sentient being, throughout all history. The audio for the exhibited installation was transmitted via FM radio, and was created using a variety of analog and digital devices including synthesizers, software, contact microphones, a custom-built binaural microphone, and an EEG brainwave-reading device (alpha waves converted to hertz from five different meditations). Additionally, fluorescent glow-in-the-dark silicone casts of my ears were arranged throughout the space.

The Raga Project

The Raga Project is an ever-evolving, 24-hour audio experience that is synced to the local time of the listener. You can experience the project in its entirety, and read more about it, here. Below are samples and studies related to the world of the project.


Hypnagoginet (hyp-na-gah-ji-net) was an experimental live broadcast series that sought to create psychoacoustic experiences on the precipice between waking and sleep. 

Baby Adore

A reworking of The Beatles' Abbey Road, track by track, with changes made that reflect the personalities of the principle writers of each of the songs. Presented here is the first track.