Man Bartlett


Recent works from New York-based multidisciplinary artist Man Bartlett.


Drone Commute

All works composed, edited and recorded exclusively on my smartphone during my ~45-minute commute to my day job.


Feeling My Feed

Single channel video. Two-channel audio: Self hooked up to a Midi Sprout connected to a Korg VolcaKeys (for galvanic skin response), Drone Thing with Stagg delay effect, and passive electromagnetic microphones (ElektrouĊĦi) trained on iPhone while browsing my Instagram feed. 2017.


A collaborative project for the Barnes Foundation's Person of the Crowd consisting of three inter-related components: an AI bot (developed by Kyle McDonald), a video (created with students from Overbrook and Central high schools), and a website (developed by Brian Feeney).

View the site.

Browsing the Blues

Print and two-channel audio installation derived in part from the electromagnetic output of my iPhone while browsing my social media feeds for 27 minutes on January 6th, 2017 beginning at 8:05 ET. Created for "Blinding Pleasures" at Arebyte, London, curated by Fillippo Lorenzin. Listen to the audio at

Installation photos by Graham Martin from EventPics.

The Akasha Model

The Akasha Model is an attempt to figuratively sonify the thoughts of every sentient being, throughout all history. The audio for the exhibited installation is transmitted via FM radio, and was created using a variety of analog and digital devices including synthesizers, software, contact microphones, a custom-built binaural microphone, and an EEG brainwave-reading device (alpha waves converted to hertz from five different meditations). Additionally, fluorescent glow-in-the-dark silicone casts of my ears are arranged throughout the space.

More details at Bert Green Fine Art.