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At precisely 12pm EST Saturday, August 28th, I am requesting the presence of all the Internet-friendly arts-related people I know and admire in New York City, for a one minute live family portrait to take place at Washington Square Park (at the monument). Get there early, as Lee will be apparently filming the monument for five minutes only (as part of a separate project; one of his cool “wappenings”). And as I’d like to only steal one fifth of the thunder, our group portrait must last ONLY one minute starting EXACTLY at noon. So really, get there early!

Paddy, I’m looking at you. Hrag, you too. I’d love for you both to be there to be immortalized together with us all. Along those lines, here’s initial/dream list of NYC’ers I want there (IN NO ORDER!):

@artfagcity (paddy!)
@hyperallergic (hrag!)
@edwardwinkleman (and murat!)
@bhoggard (and james wagner!)
@Artnewsmag (Robin!)
@jerrysaltz (the real one)
@artcards_nyc (morgan!)
@ouicollab (becca and andy!)
@pocketopia (austin thomas!)
@resunlimited (Seb!)
@theartblog (the nyc contingent!)
@varonearts (even though you’re out of town)

How awesome would it be if all of us were present during that minute! Compiling this list made me happy to know that I know some really awesome people in this city. But who am I missing? Who did I forget? Invite them! And even if they’re on this list, mention them in a tweet. Spread the word like heckfire today, because this will really only be fun/interesting if a whole bunch of us show up tomorrow.

OK! Now let’s all get ready to smile for the camera!

prairie dogs

My dad gave me the initial idea after I crowdsourced it and I’m running with it. Thanks Dad!

And thanks Paddy for the bait. See you Saturday! :D

Update: Forgot another reference, Astrid Bussink’s “Constructions of Happiness" which is actually opening tonight at Flux Factory!

Update 2: Crap I forgot @guggenheim and @zacharycohen! You’re invited too! And you! Who else did I forget?

Update 3: @newmuseum and @ranjit!

Update 4: Success! The project is now documented here. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen! And if you missed it, keep an eye out for the next version in November. ;)