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@nicrad - man to replace wolf

for a few reasons, i believe i, man bartlett, should replace wolf blitzer.

1. as far as i can tell, he is reserved only by me.
2. i only did that because i like the painting enough, and anderson cooper (who i kinda have a crush on) is already reserved.
3. one correspondant from CNN is enough (i will not do any more investigation into this matter)
4. there are NO representatives from or his estate.
5. i have willingly taken the bait and “blogged” about your show (which sent a tweet and a FB update), which i had to do to “reserve” the wolf blitzer painting anyway, so my logic is the promotion you’re getting from this post is enough to elevate me to portrait-worthy status.
6. i’d like to keep you on your toes, and games are fun.
7. i’ve only ever been painted by my dad who always went to great lengths to do my rather lackluster visage a greater justice. i have faith you’ll be less flattering.
8. i was at a bar recently and an older woman, very inebriated, kept referring to me ‘wolf man.’