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So, as I alluded to the other day, I was recently commissioned to create a piece whereby the funds from it were implicitly intended to pay my rent. It was inspired by a part of the last Hennessy Youngman video where he talks about the different types of performance pieces the new performance artists can make. Mine was the “sit in your studio making new work while listening to music and occasionally checking your FB/Twitter/email” piece. Thx Hennnessy! Thx anonymous collector!

But on a more serious note, what I found is that I felt liberated knowing I was essentially working as a laborer as that time was paid for. It felt like free time. Pressure-free time. Yet I was constantly aware that I was on camera. And what resulted is unplanned new work that excites me. Some initial observations:

The beginnings of bridging the circle drawings to the collage work. It’s also related to something I’ve been working on quietly for the last few weeks in my residency at The Wassaic Project. 

Part adding narrative to Hirst’s anonymous spots. 

Desire, consume, desire, consume, desire, consume…

Fusing my love of that shape to the fucked up time in American Might (the images in these are all from 1959 and 1961, I think). And despite this being well-trodden territory (hello new Mad Men season), to me it can bear the weight and continued perversion.

Ok, that’s probably more than enough. I’m writing this on the train back to the city for the Art Fag City Long Title Rob Pruitt Auction Thing. See some of y’all there I’m sure.


P.S. If you’re still here: While making this video I also posted to my Instagram feed, which is currently being occupied by all things circular, and to my tumblr for my ongoing #collagehunting series (in which I post images that probably won’t make it into collages but that I find interesting nonetheless). Process production process production process production…

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