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On Silent Auctions, Rent Pieces, $...

I’m at the laundromat near Wassaic. There is WiFi, so I figured what better time to draft some letters. 

Over the weekend, from Friday to Saturday, for 24-hours I presented a silent auction for a collage. I was curious to test the model, and happy that it sold. I had 268 visitors to the auction page during that 24-hour period. Which isn’t bad considering it was the weekend and I gave no lead time or warning it was happening. More surprising was the fact that people spent an average of almost four minutes on that page alone. In web terms that’s a century. And it led to a lot of traffic on other pages. I am grateful for any audience that I have, but an engaged audience is truly priceless. And it is what I want to be with many of you as well. So, thank you. Sincerely. 

I’m hoping to find the right next durational performance soon. I miss those, and you, that way. They also fill something in me that is otherwise missing. I’m moving beyond “just doing shit to do shit.” That doesn’t benefit anyone. So to that end I want to make sure things are in place as I feel they should be. Whatever that means.

In other money/work related news I was recently commissioned to create a “rent piece” (see this vid). Which is pretty awesome and hilarious. I’m still working out the details of what exactly it will be. It’s actually proving kind of tricky conceptually. But more on that soon. It is arriving just in time. Literally. 

I’ve been thinking A LOT up here in Wassaic, not all of it good, but most of it productive. Filling a notebook with words, ideas, concepts that are outside of my normal social media blather. And I’m steeped in a new body of work that I’m reluctant to share with anyone. It’s not my normal way of working, but it is a new way to challenge myself, and that I’m always looking for. But to that end, it leaves more time to look at all the other work out there. Which is overwhelming, really. I don’t always care about what other people are doing but I like to know. I like to know as much as I can about everything, actually. Regardless of where I am, what world I’m in, etc. 

Oh, I still owe you a post on $’s acquisition by the awesome David Carson. Haven’t forgotten about. There’s not much to say but it deserves proper acknowledgment! 

Ok, dry cycle is coming to a close. Surprised at how crowded this little laundromat gets. Amazing folks around these parts. I love you, New York, but Wassaic sure has a hold on me.


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