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On Vulnerability.

That’s what’s on my mind. Making oneself fully vulnerable. Transparent. Open and willing to put everything on the line. Free. To detach completely, from expectation and anticipation. Of people, places, events, things, etc. To simply detach from the death-grip of our perceived past and projected future. To accept, and proceed. And in so, to prosper. 

I’ve been thinking about all this in relationship to the Google open doc for #FEEDFEED, and the case studies, where the characters are often bursting from within, through their adopted, transplanted heads. And just in general. 

Also, my contract for Tara Donovan was extended through September. Grateful on many levels. It’s challenging and rewarding. And certainly hyper-focuses my free time, especially considering I have two big performative events in September, and am still trying to fix some issues with my coffee. By necessity the performance events will pull focus. One of them is a potluck/party that I hope you can attend. Sep 17th, 1333 Myrtle Ave #1, 9pm-?. Mark your gadgetcalendars! The other will be in two locations in London and online. More info soon, but you can check out the alpha-ville site for information.

On that note…

Thanks for reading. Tumblr was never much of a space for longer form wordy word-things, but it’s seeming less and less the place for this lately. Words, words, words. Yet I soldier on. ;)


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